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Boris Cyrulnik

Boris Cyrulnik is a best-selling author and a pioneer of personal development in France. He teaches the art of resiliency and shares his methods to improve your daily habits and find your joy in life. Learn how to master your emotions and behaviors to feel better in less than 30 days by taking the 18 lessons and challenges of this masterclass.

Unlimited access to (or offers of) 40 masterclasses (including Boris Cyrulnik) and more to come: less than €17/month, invoiced annually.

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What you will learn

Get access to 18 lessons to improve your daily life, understand your past traumas and take one step closer each day towards your best version.

Boris Cyrulnik's method and advice to improve your daily life, regain your taste for life, stop dwelling on the past, build healthy relationships and feel good about yourself.

Several exercises to externalize your feelings, build yourself up, understand yourself better, and gain confidence in yourself. Let Boris Cyrulnik guide you step by step. Use methods that have already worked for thousands of people and regain your taste for life!

Explore the concept of resiliency with Boris Cyrulnik himself. Understand the key phases, develop your emotional intelligence and self-confidence, learn how to react to trauma and keep moving forward each day.

Several exercises to develop your self-confidence and rediscover your ability to do things, own up to your choices and move forward.

Learn how to overcome physical pain and psychological suffering. Pain is unavoidable, no matter who you are. However, it's not impossible to overcome it. Learn about yourself and how to develop coping mechanisms.

Several lessons to guide your children from birth to adulthood.

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Unlimited access to (or offers of) 40 masterclasses (including Boris Cyrulnik) and more to come: less than €17/month, invoiced annually.

Is resiliency a key concept?

Is resiliency a key concept?

An assault, a death, a disability, a sexual difference, an abused childhood, a separation, a divorce, an illness, a period of unemployment, a natural disaster, an attack, a war... all these traumatic events can condition our existence and determine our life choices.

How can we overcome this suffering?

How can we cope with and accept these painful moments that are part of life and sometimes make it so difficult to bear?

There is no hierarchy of suffering.

Each individual is unique and will react in his or her own way. Some people, for example, will recover more easily from a physical attack than from a divorce.

It all depends on their background and childhood.

The only thing that all the traumas that life inflicts on us have in common is the pain they cause. But to live a life without experiencing hard knocks is quite simply impossible.

Hard knocks are part of the life of every human being on this earth. Trying to avoid them is utopian.

On the other hand, it is possible to learn to tame our traumas, control them and use them to bounce back.

You're probably thinking that this is easier said than done.

And it is.

But you can do it, as can every human being, thanks to a powerful psychological concept: resilience.

It's this concept and how to apply it to overcoming your own traumas that you'll discover in this exclusive masterclass with Boris Cyrulnik.

Boris Cyrulnik was the first to publicise the concept of resilience, studying people who had suffered deep trauma, such as concentration camp survivors or children in Romanian orphanages.

He has created a unique and powerful method for :

  • Overcome your traumas - Free yourself from the past
  • Have healthy relationships with others
  • Free yourself from the guilt and frustration that eat away at you every day
  • Build the life you deserve He teaches you this method in his very first online course.

After taking this masterclass, you'll know how to make the most of your trials and tribulations, live in peace and face the future with confidence.

Course program

Immediate access - 18 lessons


How can you regain your self-confidence after a trauma?

Boris Cyrulnik teaches you how to analyse your traumas and regain your self-confidence after a trauma.


Meet Boris Cyrulnik and the concept of resiliency

Meet Boris Cyrulnik, a man with a different story than most and discover the true definition of Resiliency.


Understand your traumatic situations

In this first lesson, Boris Cyrulnik explains how trauma is transmitted. Learn how to understand them and live better in your daily life.


Restore your self-confidence

How can we tell ourselves that we're "capable"? In this lesson, Boris Cyrulnik shows you how to change the way we see ourselves. He shares several things you can do to improve your self-esteem and restore your self-confidence.

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Unlimited access to (or offers of) 40 masterclasses (including Boris Cyrulnik) and more to come: less than €17/month, invoiced annually.

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Getting to know your instructor

Boris Cyrulnik Teaches resiliency
Boris Cyrulnik is considered a symbol of freedom. He is a doctor and psychiatrist by profession. He is known for promoting the concept of "Resiliency" (rebirth from suffering). He escaped a raid in 1942, but lost his parents who were deported to the camps. His challenging past led him to study and publish several books that explain how to overcome the wounds of the past.

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