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Pierre Gagnaire

Who is the man with the 16 stars? For the first time, Pierre Gagnaire, one of the best chefs in the world, reveals his secrets to you on video and invites you to follow him for an exceptional cooking class. In this Masterclass, he simplifies and makes accessible to all, the techniques and gestures of the greatest.

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What you will learn

The techniques of a great chef

20 video cooking lessons with one of the best chefs in the world

Pierre Gagnaire's cooking techniques to get the best out of each food. Learn to cook beef, lamb, veal, sole, haddock, oysters, scallops ect.

Learn how to make exquisite sauces that you can reuse to enhance your everyday dishes.

Recipes for all occasions, dinner, aperitifs, lunch with friends, celebrations, Sunday meals. Different recipes with varying preparation times so you can adapt to the week.

More than a dozen surprising and unusual blendings of ingredients that will amaze and surprise the taste buds of your guests.

Two beef recipes and one poultry recipe, easy to make and which will give your guests the impression of eating at a large restaurant table.

The Gaya Oysters recipe slightly revisited for the occasion, a classic on the menu of one of Pierre Gagnaire's restaurants.

How to make two types of broth very simply. They will very quickly become essentials in your kitchen. This will give you a whole new flavor to all your dishes.

How to cook recipes from chefs at home. Without any particular material and with simple ingredients.

The recipe of Haddock Atlantique which will allow you to spend great moments with friends. Simple, quick and delicious, the perfect meal to get together.

All the techniques and methods of preparation, opening oysters and scallops, cutting vegetables and meats, seasoning.

A recipe worthy of a gourmet restaurant and easy to replicate at home: the Saint-Jacques Sketch.

Recipes exclusively created and revisited for the Masterclass, you will not find them elsewhere.

Advices from a chef with more than 16 stars to change your approach to cooking and become a better cook.

Learn to use simple ingredients and products and turn them into a masterpiece. (The majority of the recipes are made with foods that you can find less than 10 minutes from home in a market or in a store)

The technique to totally change the taste of a dish and make it more appealing, using exactly the same ingredients.

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Get (or offer) Pierre Gagnaire's masterclass for only 67€ (or 2x34€). Immediate and unlimited access.

Learn with a living legend

Learn with a living legend

Pierre Gagnaire's recipe for success? 

Rigor and happiness.

This is the perfect combination that has led him to earn 16 stars in his career.

For the first time in an online course, he shares his vision of cooking and his unique approach to creativity.

In this Masterclass, he teaches his techniques and methods for creating sumptuous and tasty dishes that will enchant your guests.

This online course is more than just cooking, it is the transmission of an energy, of the philosophy of great chefs. 

Through 8 chapters, embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure to discover the classics of French cuisine and dishes created exclusively for the occasion. 

As the lessons progress, Pierre Gagnaire teaches you and breaks down the key gestures that make all the difference and that will make you a better cook.

A Unique Masterclass

A Unique Masterclass

Embark on a unique culinary experience and come away changed.

The objective of this Masterclass is simple, to offer you an exceptional moment of cooking with one of the best chefs in the world and at the same time, to take your cooking to a whole new level.

Taking your cooking to a whole new level does not mean being able to cook a gourmet dish, no, it means "cooking with simple foods and turning them into a masterpiece at home". 

In this Masterclass, Pierre Gagnaire gives you another vision of cooking, you will understand the marriage of flavors, compositions, taste, textures. 

It also gives you the keys to tame and be comfortable with all types of cooking, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. 

It is to help you master the great classics of French cooking at home, understand them and make them your own while enjoying yourself and delighting your loved ones.

And of course, to help you progressively improve your skills, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, so that you can develop your own creativity in the kitchen.

Are you ready to start your culinary journey?

If so, Pierre Gagnaire's Masterclass is waiting for you.

Course program

Immediate access - 20 lessons


1. Meet Pierre Gagnaire

Meet Pierre Gagnaire, a chef as generous as brilliant, elected by his peers as the greatest Michelin-starred chef in the world in 2015. In this first video, he tells you about his career and his love for cooking.


2. Gaya oysters

In this first lesson, Pierre Gagnaire enters into the subject with Gaya Oysters, the flagship dish of his fish restaurant in the capital. This starter will arouse the appetite of your guests.


3. Baie des Anges oysters

Pierre Gagnaire continues to work with oysters, but this time in a "modern" way. Discover a captivating dish composed of hot oysters, baby spinach, leeks and garnished with a delicious juice with a surprising recipe.


4. Saint-Jacques Yosuke

In this lesson, Pierre Gagnaire invites Japanese cuisine to join a particularly popular product: Saint-Jacques. Learn to play with extraordinary flavors to create a subtle and creative blend.


5. Saint-Jacques Sketch

“A tribute to my career”. In this lesson, Pierre Gagnaire invites you to continue the work with Saint-Jacques. This time, discover the Saint-Jacques Sketch, a dish sparkling with flavors that well represents the culinary journey of the French cook. The opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with sweet and savory combinations.

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Get (or offer) Pierre Gagnaire's masterclass for only 67€ (or 2x34€). Immediate and unlimited access.

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Pierre Gagnaire Teaches cooking
Pierre Gagnaire has acquired the status of essential when it comes to cooking. The man voted best grand chef in the world in 2015 by his peers has no less than 16 Michelin stars. An exceptional career far from over as he still serves in restaurants around the world.

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